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2023 Agenda

Friday, January 20th & Saturday, January 21st

Saturday, January 21st

A full day of engaging discussions.


Arrive, coffee

Museum of the Bible

400 4th St SW

Washington, DC 20024


Opening remarks


Breakfast with speakers

Students join panelists and invited guests for discussion over meals.


Dining in the main gathering room. Overflow seating in the members' lounge and board room. 


Panel session no. 1


Keynote speeches


Lunch with speakers

Students join panelists and invited guests for discussion over meals.


Dining in the main gathering room. Overflow seating in the members' lounge and board room. 


Keynote speech


Panel session no. 2


Keynote speeches


Closing remarks

Students depart on buses and return to their campuses with continued support from the

David Network.

Speakers Include

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James D Conley.jpg
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Steve Green.jpeg
Philip Hamburger.jpg
Erin Hawley.jpeg
Trent Horn.jpg

Erika Bachiochi

Bishop James Conley

Robert George

Steve Green

Philip Hamburger

Erin Hawley

Scott G Stewart.jpg
Jacqueline Rivers.jpg
Vivek Ramaswamy.jpg
Don Landry.jpeg
Kathryn Jean Lopez.jpg

Trent Horn

Don Landry

Kathryn Lopez

Vivek Ramaswamy

Jacqueline Rivers

Scott Stewart


The Post-Roe Generation: On the Ground

Chuck Donovan

Maureen Ferguson

Kathryn Lopez

Ismail Royer

Chelsea Sobolik

Long before Roe v. Wade was overturned, pro-life advocates were hard at work both on the ground and in policy reform. What does it mean for this new generation of young adults to be comprehensively pro-life and pro-family in their lives, and what are the challenges they face? Does conservatism embrace the pro-life movement?

Moderated by Elena Gonzalez, MIT '22

Protecting Minority Rights: In Defense of Our Children

Jonathan Alexandre

Heinrich Arnold

Carlos Duran

Rachel Ferguson

What role ought race or culture play in the way we engage in policy formation and poverty alleviation, especially with regard to our understanding of the best way to protect and care for children? How can we inspire intergenerational progress in the face of racial and cultural challenges?

Moderated by Nathaniel Stuart, Stanford '20

Pro-Life Policy on the Hill & in the Courts

Erin Hawley

Mark Rienzi

Kristina Roegner

Scott Stewart

From overturning Roe v. Wade in the Supreme Court to passing pro-life legislation in the states, hear from some of the top minds on the successes of the pro-life movement and how to win going forward.

Moderated by Akhil Rajakaser, Princeton '21

Admin Law

Andrew Ferguson

Philip Hamburger

Erin Hawley

John Huleatt

John Masslon

 Roger Severino

Members of the panel will discuss the impact of the administrative state on our rights under the First Amendment. To what extent does the fourth branch of government imperil free speech and religious liberty, and how might the law enable us to fight against encroachments of our fundamental constitutional rights?

Moderated by Ethan Harper, HLS '23

Why Can't We Have Happy families?

Rachel Anderson

David Azerrad

Katie Gorka

Inez Stepman

It has become common knowledge that most marriages end in divorce, that trust in educational institutions is extremely low, and that Generation Z suffers from a crippling buffet of mental health issues. But what about the way that we are encouraged to live our lives causes this deep unhappiness? What are the challenges families face, and how do we build healthier ones?

Moderated by Annika Nordquist, Stanford '21

Feminism and Womanhood in the 21st century

Helen Andrews

Erika Bachiochi

Leah Libresco

Calling oneself a "feminist" can mean anything from being a full-blown Marxist to wanting women to vote. What has been the legacy of this complex movement? Does feminism help or hurt women today? What is the best and most fulfilling way for women to comport themselves in a changing modern world?

Moderated by Annika Nordquist

Future of Conservatism

Matthew Continetti

Arthur Milikh

Ramesh Ponnuru

Paul Ray

The election of Donald Trump opened a Pandora's box of novel policy proposals within the Republican Party. From populists, to interventionists, to religious conservatives, to national conservatives, the future of the party is bright. What do these disparate parts of the conservative movement have in common, and how can we best move forward as a successful electoral movement?

Moderated by Avery Bower, Cornell '23

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